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Electric toothbrushes have several benefits over traditional toothbrushes to help keep your smile healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.
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What are Electric Toothbrushes?

Electric toothbrushes are manufactured by a variety of dental technology companies, including Oral-B, Philips, and Arm & Hammer, which offer users quite a few general and cosmetic dentistry benefits over manual toothbrushes. These types of toothbrushes can help you improve the overall quality of your smile and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Improving the Health of Your Teeth and Gums

Cosmetic dentistry studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are slightly more effective than manual toothbrushes at removing plaque from your teeth. The real benefit of electric toothbrushes comes from the ease of use, especially for people in Des Plaines with dexterity issues, such as young children and elderly people. The oscillation of the toothbrush’s head also makes it easier for people to access ordinarily hard-to-reach areas, including underneath braces and close to the gums.

You may not notice a major difference in your dental health when using an electric toothbrush if you consistently keep up with your dental care routine, but we have noticed that it often has much more effective results for those who may struggle with taking care of their teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

Removing the plaque from your teeth is a benefit for their appearance, as well as your general health. Proper brushing with an electric toothbrush can help you fight plaque in between regular dentist appointments while keeping your teeth clean and white. An electronic toothbrush can also make it easier to remove buildup between your gums and teeth, reducing the chance of developing cavities.

Technology Available with Electric Toothbrushes

Another major benefit associated with electric toothbrushes is the technology that they use, helping you brush properly. Some of this technology is built into the brush, and some products even have phone applications that track how well you’re brushing.

Inside the Toothbrush

Many electric toothbrushes have timers built into them that signal when you’ve been brushing for two minutes, the recommended time that you should be brushing twice a day. Some of them even have the timer split into 30-second segments that signal you to move on to another quadrant in your mouth.

Certain brands of electronic toothbrushes may also have a built-in pressure sensor that warns you if you begin to brush too hard, which can impact healthy teeth and gums.

Most of the brushes have several brushing modes that you can choose from. These modes can be designed for brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue, and even massaging your gums.

Phone Applications

Progressive electronic toothbrush manufacturers have phone apps available to help you keep track of your brushing. The toothbrush can sense where in your mouth you’ve been brushing and send the information to your phone, analyzing where you may need to focus. These applications also save your brushing history to detail your brushing improvements.

Manual or Electric?

While a manual toothbrush can be just as effective as an electric one, the electric brush comes with many benefits the manual brush can’t match.

More About Electric Toothbrushes

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